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1609150069 The World Health Organization finally launches its COVID 19 information application

The World Health Organization finally launches its COVID-19 information application

A few days after the end of the year, the World Health Organization has finally launched its mobile application on COVID-19, which had been in preparation since March and was even briefly available on Google Play before being removed … until now.

WHO COVID-19 Updates, the final name of the application, is an application for get official COVID-19 information directly from WHO and a little more. Finally, self-diagnosis and Bluetooth contact tracing have been left out, resulting in something like the COVID-19 section of the OMS website, but in the form of an app.

COVID-19 information on your mobile

The World Health Organization already has its COVID-19 information app ready, some nine months after the organization classified COVID-19 as a pandemic. The application is presented as a place where receive the latest COVID-19 updates from WHO.

Technology failed us or we failed: this has been the "failure" of contact tracing apps

The app was published briefly on Google Play in April, apparently after an unfinished version was published by mistake. The current version seems the definitive one, although availability on Google Play is very limited. On Android, you can download and install it from its APK.


Despite this limited availability, when installing the application you can choose any country to receive information based on it, such as a graph with the number of confirmed cases and deaths over time.

It is an informative application, which includes the recommendations to reduce the risk of contagion, answers to frequently asked questions, debunked myths and links to the latest news and resources on COVID-19 published by WHO.

A section that seems to have been dropped from the final version is self-diagnosis and contact tracing, which was proposed as a possible function to include. The application has a diagnostic tab, yes, but it simply includes a list of symptoms and there is not even a form.

WHO COVID-19 Updates

WHO COVID-19 Updates

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