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The Youtube TikTok will be called Shorts and will arrive
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The ‘Youtube TikTok’ will be called Shorts and will arrive before the end of the year

The first ones to get started in social networks flooded Facebook. At the same time we began to colonize other networks such as Twitter, although the latter, like other applications of the WhatsApp style, is more transversal. After a few years, the younger ones preferred Instagram or Snapchat, and now the one who succeeds without palliative is TikTok. The old, reformed and turned into the fashionable social network.

The giants in the sector know this and are already looking for ways to imitate their success, and it seems that the next one to try will be Youtube. The monster of worldwide streaming is already creating Shorts, your alternative to TikTok for short videos created by the users themselves and has been unveiled by The Information.

Short videos with Youtube music licenses


TikTok bases most of its videos on creating images from other people’s audio, whether it’s users’ own audios that go viral or simply songs. They are used to build small theatres, choreographies and all kinds of video memes that are replicated over and over again to infinity. Youtube wants to get something similar with Shortsand I plan to release him before the end of the year.

In Youtube Shorts, users could create short videos to be uploaded to the network, we would see if a specific section of Youtube or a separate applicationand they could take advantage of the huge amount of music licenses on Google’s video streaming platform. Music that would serve as a dressing for their videos.

Susan Wojcicki commands the Shorts development team

In addition to The Information, Dylan Byers, senior reporter for NBC News and MSNBC, has confirmed its existence. But not only that, Byers has added relevant information more than important because it seems that Susan Wojcicki herselfThe CEO of Youtube, is behind the design and creation of this Youtube Shorts.

At the moment there is not much information about this Shorts, although if there is it could change radically in the next months since, according to The Information, Shorts would not arrive until the end of this year 2020. We will see if the development and release schedule should not change due to the coronavirus quarantines, since many of the world’s work teams are now operating from home. Also the Youtube development team.

Via | The Information

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