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They discover a WhatsApp vulnerability that put users’ data at risk

Check Point Research has echoed a new WhatsApp vulnerability that left a door open for attackers. Specifically, the vulnerability was found in an image filter of WhatsApp itself, through which user information could be accessed. The information comes hours after it was known that WhatsApp will have to pay $ 225 million for not complying with the Data Protection Law.

Luckily, from Check Point they claim that WhatsApp has been informed and the problem was fixed immediately. As we usually recommend, users should always keep the app updated to the latest version to ensure that the relevant bug fixes arrive.

The vulnerability of a WhatsApp filter


The WhatsApp application has some filters, stickers, emojis and others. Among these filters, Check Point found a vulnerability that allowed access to user information.

According to Check Point, this vulnerability allowed a cybercriminal to access sensitive information stored on WhatsApp by applying the filter to a photo and sending it.

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This vulnerability was called CVE-2020-1910 and was immediately reported to WhatsApp for a remedy. From the app the response was quick and the problem was solved, so there should be no trace of vulnerability, in principle.

“The vulnerability originated in WhatsApp’s Image Filter feature, a process by which pixels in the original image are modified to achieve some visual effects, such as blurring or sharpness. During its research study, CPR discovered that switching between various filters on elaborate GIF files effectively crashed WhatsApp. ” Check Point Research.

Being such a particular problem, on paper, it is corrected in all versions of WhatsApp, although it is always recommended to update to the latest to stay up to date not only with news, but with all security patches and protection measures that can be implemented in the app.

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