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this app is able to count your LEGO pieces and tell you what you can do with them

Brickit is a new application able to scan LEGO pieces to later tell you where to put them, a much more intuitive method than the classic instructions on the box. There were already apps and even websites to help you build LEGO, although how it works is quite curious.

The app even tells us the parts that we will need if we do not have them Or, in the case that you have loose pieces, it will give you ideas to make constructions with them. Brickit is not an official LEGO app, but it does have official LEGO constructions in its database.

An app for LEGO fans

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Brickit is an app that is causing people to talk, due to its peculiar operation. For the moment, yes, only works on iOS, so it will be necessary to have an iPhone to make it work.

The app scans the LEGO pieces, promises to count them exactly and tells us what we can make with them

The app is capable of recognize how many LEGO pieces are on a surface, like a table or the floor itself. After scanning the parts, will give us construction ideas with the same, showing us images of the construction, number and type of pieces that we will need and their instructions.

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In the same way, the app has a huge gallery with official LEGO constructions, so that you have the instructions for each and every one of them at hand. The interface of the app is quite intuitive: everything is ordered, it has a search engine and we can even save to favorites.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple application store. For the moment, no version or APK for Android. It is in English, but it is very easy to use even without knowledge of the language.

Brickit: Rebuild your Lego

Brickit: Rebuild your Lego

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