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This app is perfect for sorting and searching your screenshots

There are not a few users who take hundreds of screenshots and then either we forget about them or we don’t delete them out of sheer laziness. Going to the screenshots section and deleting the entire album is sometimes not the solution, so an app that allows us to sort and search them according to theme it would be welcome.

It is just what Jaadoo does, an app that is capable of analyze your screenshots using artificial intelligence so you can find exactly the ones you need. In the same way, you can categorize them manually by categories, let’s see what you get.

Manage your screenshots like never before

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Jaadoo is an app for all those who have a good amount of screenshots on their phone. The application uses AI to recognize screenshots from WhatsApp, Twitter, bills, animals, etc. We simply have to open the app, let it select our path of screenshots (in ROMs like MIUI you have to select the path manually) and voila.

The search engine works in a very similar way to Google Photos: we look for the theme and the app will find screenshots related to it

In the search engine of the app we write the word we want to search and you will find screenshots with that content. The operation is fast and quite accurate. Similarly, if there are any categories that you cannot find, we can manually categorize the captures, assigning them to a new tag.

In the event that we are concerned about privacy due to the capture analysis, from Jaadoo they assure that processing is done inside the device and that no data leaves the application. That is, the developers promise that no information is sent to any server, but that everything is done natively.

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The app is completely free for both iOS and Android, although it has payment plans to skip the limit of 200 screenshots that sets the app for the free plan.



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