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1605159336 this app locates and compares restaurants and caterers near your

this app locates and compares restaurants and caterers near your home

The state of the pandemic, which is having an effect on the entire population, is in turn generating a growth in services and forms of consumption that have not been used much until now. One of them is the service to order meals at home, a business that favors the arrival of applications like this, Fidmi, which compares prices of the main services to receive food at home.

Fidmi is a kind of price comparatorbut when we do make use of the catering services. At the same time, it is also a locator of the restaurants and bars that we have close to home and that can offer this type of service. The comparison shows factors such as estimated delivery time, cost and minimum order.

Order without surprises


Fidmi allows users to find all the restaurants that deliver near youThe service is the same as the one used to bring the food home (Glovo, JustEat, Deliveroo, Rápid i Calent or the service of the restaurant itself).

How to find restaurants that deliver food to your home on Google Maps

Available for both iOS and AndroidIn the first place, Fidmi asks us if we want to create an account, for which we can use Gmail, Apple, Facebook or pull the usual email. If we don’t want to, we can also log in without registration although we won’t have our order history.

Fidmi 2

From there, we will only have to add our address or if we prefer, give the app permission to access our location. This step is necessary so that you can locate the closest restaurants, bars or food establishments that offer the shipment to your home.

Fidmi 1

At that point, we have a series of filters for to make it easier for us to find what we’re looking for. We can search by the type of cuisine, by the delivery companies available, select the premises with offers, those that are best valued…

Fidmi 2

Once we choose the restaurant, we will see that the service (or services) of sending home that they have appears in the right corner. In this comparison we can see factors such as the shipping costs, estimated delivery timeIf you have any additional fees, it is definitely a matter of choosing the one that interests us the most.

Fidmi 3

With all these parameters controlled, we can know the premises we have near our home and on the way, we avoid possible surprises when we’re waiting at home for lunch or dinner.

Fidmi 3


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