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this application allows you to improve the audio on an iPhone or iPad and achieve a spatial effect

The current telephones have arrived not only to keep us in touch. Photography, games, networks, music … and in this last aspect we have a good number of applications to listen to our favorite audio tracks. To listen and improve the sound, which is what this application makes available on iOS and Android under the name of Boom.

It is an application that at the same time can equalize, it can also replace the default music player, it can help to generate surround sound, we could almost say 3D. In addition, it is compatible with the music that we have stored locally, in the cloud in services such as Drive or Dropbox and we can also access the tracks that we have on streaming audio platforms such as Tidal, Spotify or Apple Music. Parameters under which let’s see what Boom can give of himself.

Immersive audio on mobile


The application is very easy to use. And before subscribing, free to try for 30 days to see if we are interested. One point that must be made is that at first it was launched on the market with a single payment and soon after it made the leap to the subscription model.

Boom 1

And going into details, Boom is a very easy to use app. We have a list in a left side panel where we can access the music content services that we have associated with. We find how it is compatible with the most popular such as Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal. We can also use the music we have in the cloud on platforms like Drive or Dropbox. And of course, we can reproduce the content that we have stored locally.

Boom 2

If we move that panel down we will get to the “Settings” and that is where we can select the type of headset we are going to use to adjust the sound quality. Along with this option, others related to playback control or audio quality.

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We just have to add and synchronize some streaming service or opt for local content and start playback. The display with the player is essentially the same but with some variation in the on-screen icons.

Boom 3

If we look at it, the icon with the application logo appears in the lower left area and if we click on it we access the settings that really interest us. We will first look at the possibility of activate dynamic sound and below options to manage the different effects.

Boom 8

If we click on “3D Envelope” we can check the sound difference if we turn off and on the different speakers displayed on the screen. In this way we can find the audio that best suits our tastes and interests.

Boom 4

We also have a function to equalize the audio if we press the last button of the settings on the “Boom” screen. With the text “EQ Preset Music”, we access a series of modes already preset together with the possibility that allows us to create a custom equalization.

Boom 10

Regarding the music player, on the different platforms we have access to specific functions that appear in each of them. We can add tracks to the lists but also search for songs, artists, albums …

Boom 5
Boom 7

Based on my personal experience, in using there is an improvement in the sound generated by the application, especially if we have headphones of a certain quality. The problem can be given for the use that each person wants to give it and being an application that takes advantage of the model via subscription.


In this point each one must determine if they are interested in signing up for a pricing plan, the highest being one year for 10.49 euros and being below the monthly or semi-annual models. However, we have a free trial month.



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