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1609243982 this application for iOS shows another way to access the

this application for iOS shows another way to access the calendar from the iPhone or iPad

The calendar application is one of the fixed ones for any user. Each brand, each phone has its own, with very specific characteristics, but with few I have come across as original as this one for iOS. It’s called Vantage and it offers a breath of fresh air more than interesting.

Vantage is a calendar with an unusual design, but at the same time it is a task manager that may make you consider leaving aside the applications you have been using. We are going to see what are the options it offers, although yes, after a week we will have to go through the box.

A very visual calendar


The first thing that catches your attention is the arrangement you make of it, with a aspect and a vertical scroll across the entire screen. In addition, the haptic response improves the feeling of use it offers. And if we prefer the traditional view, we just have to click on the name of the month in the upper central area.

The only downside is that it is not well adapted to the notch and the current month is blocked. A snag that should be corrected although it does not prevent its use

Another of the views it offers, especially if we want more details, is that of see the days with hours if we slide to the left. If we slide to the right, we will access the task notebooks, a section in which to add the tasks or matters that we have pending. In this video you can see how it works.

A “+” symbol appears in the upper area. By clicking on it we can add any event to our calendar with the appropriate and already characteristic fields. In addition, we can customize it by changing the color, the font or adding a sticker.


Regarding the “Settings”, accessible from the two horizontal stripes, we can access changes in calendars that we have associated, change the colors of the app, the type of font used, enable the haptic response.


Vantage is an application that offers a one week free trial after which we must opt ​​for a subscription model for 3.99 euros per month or with a single payment of 32.99 euros in a single purchase. A point to highlight the latter, because at the time when in my case I got it I took advantage of an offer to get it for free.



  • Developer: Fortyfour AB
  • Download it at: App Store
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Category: Calendar and tasks

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