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This application helps you install Google Apps on Huawei and

This application helps you install Google Apps on Huawei and Honor phones

Yesterday we saw how Huawei presented its new range Mate 40. On paper excellent terminals, at least in the absence of being able to test them. And although the hardware shines, for many the absence of Google Apps is a major handicap. Huawei tries with own developments, but the shadow of Google applications is lengthened.

Installing Mountain View Enterprise Applications for Android on a Huawei or Honor mobile, which for the case is almost the same, was possible, but for some it could mean a series of steps that involved some difficulty. Now, with the Googlefier app, this process can be streamlined in a remarkable way.

Install Google Apps in five minutes


Googlefier is an application developed by XDA developer forum member bender_007. With a specific thread to explain how it works, the allows you to install Google applications as well as corresponding services on a Huawei or Honor mobile and make it easier.

How far can you take the Huawei P40 Pro: What you can do with the App Gallery and the challenge of installing Google Services

It’s not a panacea, but with Googlefier have managed to make the process easier and faster. If it used to be more tedious, they have now managed to install the Google Apps in five to seven minutes. During the installation process, Googlefier uses the LZPlay system, a GMS installation method that appeared to coincide with the launch of the Mate 30.

So that Googlefier can work, it is necessary to grant you all the permissions you request and then follow the on-screen instructions. Once the process is completed and with our Google account, it will be possible to install Google Play Store and have access to all Google applications.

In addition, to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we recommend that you perform the process right after performing a factory resetwhich would lead to the loss of all stored data.

For the tests they have used a Huawei P40 Pro and a MatePad Pro, both with EMUI 10, since as they warn, if you have upgraded to EMUI 11, Googlefier does not work.

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