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this iOS and iPadOS app allows you to create widgets with the design you like

Now that the widget craze has reached iOS users, more and more apps are coming to the App Store with the promise of collaboration so we can give a different touch to our desk. This is what Scribblet offers, a free app that allows you to create widgets to your liking.

Available for both iOS and iPadOSIn this case, we can take advantage of the use of the Apple Pencil, to create small works of art in the form of widgets with which to dress up our iPhone. In my case, I am not skilled in the visual arts, but that has not prevented me from trying out what Scribblet can do.

Draw your own widget


Using Scribblet is very easy. An application that we can download in a free from the App Store and whose possibilities we can extend if we pay the 2.29 euros of purchases in app. This payment offers access to the possibility of using personalized backgrounds in the widgets in the form of images.


As far as use is concerned, few secrets. We can choose from several widget sizes to be brought to the desk and once chosen to begin creation. Establishing a name that allows them to be distinguished. With different brushes and a color palette to use, we can already start creating our own design.

Creating Custom Widgets in iOS 14 with Widgetsmith

In addition, we can use any of the background colors we like or some of the images from our reelThe price of the product will be 2.29 euros, although we will have to pay the 2.29 euros of the purchase in app. This is the only feature that differentiates it from the free version.


When we have the design ready, we only have to go to the desktop where we want to add the. We will follow the steps we already know. Leave a free space pressed and when the icons tremble click on the “+” symbol to enter the menu to add widgets. We will see that the size we have chosen appears in the upper area, already prepared.


Once we have it on the screen, with a long click on the widget we activate the options where we choose “Edit widget” and we mark from among our creations the one we wish to use.


With these steps, widget lovers have another application in your favor to give a different touch to your iPhone or iPad.



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