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This is how the Family Synchronization parental controls work
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This is how the Family Synchronization parental controls work

TikTok has ceased to be a worldwide phenomenon and has become the social network of choice for millions of users around the world, to the extent that its trends and “.challengesThe “Instagram”, which until not long ago was the social network of reference for this type of content, is now being flooded.

From this unbridled expansion, a multitude of young people have created an account for themselves, but to protect them TikTok has a system of parental control (valid if they are not 16 years old). In TikTok it is known as “Parental Synchronization”, but it is ultimately a series of controls that parents can activate to limit the activity of their children and protect their safety.

What I can do with Family Synchronization in TikTok


As we have said, Family Synchronization is the name of the parental controls that we can find in any social network that allows access to minors. This Family Synchronization has been active for some time and is constantly evolving, but it already allows us to limit some functionalities to the smallest ones.

All you have to do is access the Settings > Digital Detox > Family Synchronization. There we will indicate who handles the account in question, identify ourselves as the legal guardians of the account of the minor in question (who will have to indicate that he is a minor in his own TikTok account with the same process and link his account with ours by means of a QR code) and proceed to activate the different alerts, which for now are the following:

  • Screen usage managementTikTok: Thanks to this feature, you can set a maximum usage time for your child in TikTok. It’s similar to the Digital Wellness mode found in Android, or the iOS Usage Time, but within the app itself. Although there is no limitation in this section, the usage time can be checked in the app by parents and guardians.
  • Restricted modeTikTok: By activating this mode, you limit what types of content your child can view while browsing TikTok on friend and non-friend accounts. You also limit what content you can post on your own account.
  • Direct messagesThe last one to arrive. With this mode, you can prevent users under 16 years old from receiving direct messages in TikTok, and also prevent them from sending them. You can also limit only sending pictures or videos, leaving the text channel open, or allow only those users we have previously approved to send messages.

So, you already know that you have these tools to warn your children inside TikTok, always through the Family Synchronization mode, and you have an account that allows you to act as a legal guardian when setting usage limits.

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