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this is how the new conditions of use affect you

Since the end of April, Bizum began to warn that its conditions of service would change on June 15. The main change is that the number of transfers we can receive per month will be limited, going from 150 available until June 14, which now become 60.

Yes OK it is up to the banks to set the maximum number of operations, the service imposes how far that figure can go. Starting today, June 15, we will not be able to receive more than 60 Bizum per month, figure that is now marked as the service limit. The change is applied automatically, regardless of the bank we use, so users do not have to take extra steps.

Bizum limits the number of monthly operations


Mail from EVO Banco to its clients announcing the new conditions.

Bizum conditions change as of today, so it is important to clarify what exactly changes and what remains intact. For practical purposes, the service will continue to function as it has been before, with a single change: the number of operations we can receive.

The changes affect only the number of operations we receive per month. The ones we send continue without limits, as before

It is important to reiterate that the changes affect the operations that we can receive, that is, the Bizum that we receive. With regard to the Bizum that we can send, the conditions continue as before. From now on, the maximum number of Bizum that we can receive is 60, but we can continue to send money to our contacts as before, without limits of any kind.

These new conditions affect the 31 banks that operate with this service, all of them adapting, as of today, to the new framework standard that establishes a limit of 60 transactions received, a reduction of more than half, compared to the 150 operations received prior to the measure.

That Bizum reaches 15 million users with only seven employees is a clue of what awaits the bank

As Bizum told us, these are the new limits after applying this measure:

  • Minimum amount per operation: € 0.50
  • Maximum amount per operation: € 1,000
  • Amount of operations received per client in one day: € 2,000
  • Number of operations received by a client in a month: 60 operations
  • Number of operations issued by a client: unlimited
  • Maximum number of recipients to include in a multiple request / shipment: 30 recipients
  • Duration of pending shipment to a Non-customer: 2 days
  • Duration of the pending request to a Non-client: 7 days

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