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1609526306 This is how you can activate the Adaptive Sound function

This is how you can activate the “Adaptive Sound” function of the Pixel 5 on older Pixel models

With the launch of the most recent Google terminals, the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G, a function such as “Adaptive Sound” came later. In case you have not heard of it, it is an improvement that comes to mimic the function found in smart speakers and some headphones thanks to which the outgoing audio will change depending on the environment the user is in.

Now the Adaptive Sound function is coming to older Pixel models thanks to a developer from XDA Developers such as Freak07, who has devised a method to enable this feature on older Pixel devices.

How to enable Adaptive Sound with root

Pixel 4a 5G

Adaptive Sound can be enabled on Pixel devices prior to the Pixel 5, both on rooted models and on non-rooted phones. Also, on rooted mobiles, Adaptive Sound will remain active even after reboot the terminal.

In the case of rooted phones, the first step requires that we download the specific version of the application “Device customization services” for Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G, for which we can use the version found in APK Mirror at this link.

What Adaptive Sound does is improve the sound quality of your phone’s speaker based on your environment

Once we have the application installed, we have to download and install the Adaptive Audio Settings Enabler Magisk module from the Magisk Manager application and restart the device phone. If you prefer, you can also download the module from this link and update it manually. From there, the Adaptive Sound option should appear in the device settings.

Adaptive sound without root

Adaptive sound

In the case of having an older Pixel model but without root, Adaptive Sound can also be enabled, although the process is a bit complicated and you need to use two shell commands.

What does not change is that we must install the version released for the Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G from the “Device Personalization Services” and again, we can turn to APK Mirror.

With the application already installed, we enable USB debugging on the Pixel within the path “Developer options” and clicking on “USB debugging”.

We connect the mobile to the PC and enter the ADB environment by then, run the following 3 commands one by one:

  • adb shell
  • deviceconfig put devicepersonalization_services AdaptiveAudio__enable_adaptive_audio true
  • deviceconfig put devicepersonalization_services AdaptiveAudio__show_promo_notification true

After running these three commands, the Adaptive Sound option should appear visible in the device settings. The downside is that in this case, the Adaptive Sound option is not activated permanently and it is deleted once you restart the phone.

Via | XDA Developers

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