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This is the new driving mode of Google Maps with Google Assistant

Google Maps has been testing since the end of last year a new driving mode in the hands of the Google Assistant. Thanks to it, he wants to toast a completely revamped interface and improved operation thanks to the Assistant’s voice controls.

To test this driving mode, it was necessary to be part of the accounts selected for said test and, in our case, this function has been activated for us in several of our terminals. We are going to tell you how this new driving mode is and how it works.

Activate driving mode from Google Maps


Although the driving mode of Google Maps comes from the hand of Assistant, to activate this new mode it is necessary to do it from the Maps settings. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps
  • Go to the ‘Navigation Settings’
  • Click on ‘Manage driving mode’

If this option appears, is that you have been selected to test this mode. If it does not appear, you will have to keep trying later, since you do not have it active yet. Once you have this setting active, You can now activate the Driving Assistant every time you set a route.

How the new Google Maps driving mode works

Assistant Driving Mode

With the new Google Maps driving mode based on Google Assistant, we have a new menu at the bottom that allows us to quickly open the applications compatible with this mode. Among them, Spotify, Telegram, or basic system apps, such as calls and messages.

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Even though we have manual controls for all these functions, Google Assistant will handle calls and messages on its own, so we can accept calls or reject them with our voice, so we don’t have to let go of the wheel.

Similarly, by default, notifications are now muted by default, since do not disturb mode is activated as soon as we open the Google Assistant to drive.

Regarding the navigation through the applications, it is much more comfortable and quite large, with voice command suggestions while we are driving, so that we do not have to touch the screen.

In short, a very useful mode, designed to interact with the Assistant instead of touching the phone and that will end up reaching other users in the coming months.

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