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1605253204 This is the new WhatsApp button to buy without leaving

This is the new WhatsApp button to buy without leaving the application

WhatsApp has enabled a new button with which quicker access to the store of those company accounts that offer a product catalogue through the application. This button is already active: we have tested it.

Accessing the purchase from the messaging application has been possible for a few months now because Many businesses offer this service through their WhatsApp account. The company facilitated the task by including product catalogues in its business platform, but a simpler way to access these catalogues was missing. And it is now officially available: a new icon in the chat makes it much easier to access the stores, we have seen.

New shop button makes shopping easier

Whatsapp Shop Access

Offering products directly through WhatsApp is not something that has become overly widespread even though there is a good deal of business that have support, contact and also sales. Creating the catalogues is a rather tedious task as you have to use a mobile phone and the WhatsApp Business application. However, once these catalogs are created, businesses have a sales channel that can extend the distribution of their products. Especially now that this channel is clearly visible.

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WhatsApp has already released the new buy button, as reported by the company. We too have found that it not only appears, but also works as expected.

Whatsapp Shop Access

The store icon can be seen at the top of the chat with the company, although will only come out if the business has created a product catalog on WhatsApp Business (if you do not sell your items through the application no icon appears). Simply click on the shortcut to enter the shop directly: WhatsApp offers all available products as a vertical scroll with their photo, price and name. By clicking on any of the products it is possible to access the order as well as the option to share it with any other WhatsApp contact. The direct link can also be shared so that anyone else can access your purchase.

The new WhatsApp button is already active, so will appear in the company accounts that have a catalogue. However, the products cannot yet be purchased directly through the application, so for the time being it is necessary to send the money to the retailer by means other than WhatsApp.

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