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this is what will happen from now on with your photos and videos

No more than what was given: the free and unlimited storage of Google Photos ends today. It’s June 1, so free storage features are over. Now it will be time to pay to maintain the service, change to one of its alternatives or hold out until the storage we have left is exhausted to make a decision.

What happened? What will happen to my photos? Can we go higher? We will try to answer all the questions you leave this day, so that no loose ends are left.

Google Photos no longer has unlimited storage

Google Photos

As of today, Google Photos does not have unlimited free storage, one of the hallmarks in Google’s service to date. In other words, all the photos that we upload from now on will take up space in your Google account. If you don’t pay for any Google One plan, your photos will take up space of the 15 GB that Google gives you. Until today, compressed photos did not take up space on your account.

Google Photos will continue to store photos as before, but deducting the space of these photos from your storage in the Google account

At the option level, we can upload photos in original quality or with compression, as before. If we have little space in Google and we want to continue using Photos, using compressed photos will save us a few megabytes. This means that, if we want to continue using this service, we will have to be careful with the space we occupy in the rest of Google services.

What happens with my photos?

Img 4861 Your photos are still safe.

Your photos, luckily, You are safe. All the photos you have uploaded until June 1 they stay on your account and don’t take up space. Yesterday was the best day to upload photos and videos to take advantage of, since it was the last day they could be uploaded without taking up space.

Unless Google changes its mind, your photos will remain safe in the cloud

Unless Google decides to change its mind, the photos will remain in your account and will not be deleted, regardless of the quality with which you have uploaded them. Even if you are going to change services, it is not necessary to download the photos from Google Photos to migrate them to another service, since you will always have access to them, as before.

How to know how much space you have left

Tg Image 506869426

The problem with continuing to use the free version of Google for Google Photos is that storage is going to fill up sooner or later. Google has a tool so that we can know how much storage time we have left, information that you can consult from this Google tool. Similarly, from here we can see what large photos and videos occupy, if we have blurry photos and others, new tools to save space.

In the same way, it will be indicated graphically the space that Google Photos is occupying us and the space that Gmail, Drive and other Google services occupy. You can delete those files that are not necessary to save a few megabytes. You can always download some photos locally and continue using Google Photos with the others, although everything will be a bit tedious.

How to Backup All Your Photos with Amazon Photos

Google One pricing

Tg Image 2895438643 “To turn off”.

If we want to continue keeping Google Photos as before, the only alternative is to go to the checkout and pay for one of the Google One plans. The space that we buy here is shared with the rest of Google services, so you will have more storage in Drive and Gmail. The prices, as of today, are these.

  • Google One 100 GB | 1.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year.
  • Google One 200 GB | 2.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros per year.
  • Google One 2 TB | 9.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year.

Phones with unlimited space


The other hack In order not to run out of Google Photos, basically, it is to buy a Google Pixel. From Google Pixel 3a to Google Pixel 5, unlimited copying is maintained, yes, with compression (high quality). If you have a Google Pixel 3, the copy in original quality ends on January 31 of this year, later going to unlimited backup in high quality.

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