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This spectacular iOS app has all the information about space launches from SpaceX, NASA and more

If you like everything related to space, launches, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, NASA and more, T-Minus is going to love it. It is the most complete app currently on all those issues related to space, very worked and with a spectacular interface.

It is currently available for iOS and in English, but this should not pose a major problem given that the official sources of topics NASA, SpaceX and others are in that language. We are going to tell you why the app is so good and what it can do, since it is a great discovery for those interested in this subject.

The most complete app about space and launches

T Minus App

T-Minus is an app that is sweeping Product Hunt. It is focused on offering all relevant information about rocket launches, events, live broadcasts, news and everything related to SpaceX or NASA, among others.

The amount of information that the app gives us is overwhelming. All the details about the missions, rockets, companies behind, news, etc.

When we open the app, the first screen, the home screen, shows us a countdown to the next release. As of this writing, SpaceX’s Starlink 23 launch. If we click on the launch, we will have more than complete information.

  • Mission type
  • Rocket location
  • Orbit
  • Release date and time
  • Launch details
  • Rocket (launch cost, weight, measurements, design, successes and failures, photographs, etc.)

The day NASA crashed a probe on Mars because someone forgot to use the metric system

The amount of information we have about the launches is overwhelming, all with a neat and visual interface. We will be able to slide vertically to see the different planned launches, as if we were in any feed.

T Minus Rockets

The second section is that of rockets, where we can see the technical characteristics of the different rockets from SpaceX, NASA, ULA and others. In the same way, we can access information about the companies themselves, to see the number of successful launches, failures, when they were founded, who manages them and others.

If we want to be up to date on space launches, we have a feed that groups news, blogs and even publications from the ISS

The app also has an events section, in which we will have even more information about upcoming or recent releases. Here we will have official links to the latest releases, which we can save to see offline whenever we want.

T Minus News

Finally, we have a very complete news section in which we will have a feed with everything relevant about space launches. In the same way, we will be able to access different blogs about space launches, as well as the periodical publications of the ISS.

T-Minus - Space Launch Tracker 4+

T-Minus – Space Launch Tracker

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