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This way you can have all the information about the coronavirus in your mobile phone thanks to Google News

COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2. Terms that are on almost everyone’s lips. Symbol of a pandemic that has come to change our lives and that makes headlines, headlines and news. No wonder the web is full of information about the disease. So much so, that it is increasingly common to see how authorities, agencies, media… offer information with the latest detailed data.

One of the options is Google News, a tool available in a good part of the world but absent from specific countries (Spain is one of these absences). Now, Google is facilitating through News, access to information on COVID-19The data can be accessed from the app, if it’s available in your country, but also from Chrome, if you don’t have access to the app, just by following these steps.

Pandemic data


Google has implemented a new section in Google News offering access to a map of COVID-19 cases around the world. A complete statistic in which to find out graphically the total number of cases, recoveries, deaths…

More Data

We have access to all data and statistics by country on a map and at the same time we can authorize the location to show the cases in our community and our country. Once installed, just click on the banner “COVID-19 News: Follow the most updated coverage on the coronavirus (COVID-19)” at the top and on the next page go down to the new section “Map and statistics”.

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At that point you just have to click on “Browse the latest data by location” at the bottom of the “Maps and Statistics” section to access the COVID-19 case map.

Also from the web


Data that appears if we use the application but also accessible from a web browser from any point on the globe if we follow the almost traced steps shown in the application. For the tests I have used Google Chrome in a Android phone in which I have typed the web address of Google News.

  • Search Google News in Chrome this link
  • Click on the section “COVID-19 News: Latest coronavirus coverage follows (COVID-19)”
  • You access a new page and you must download map of COVID-19 cases and click on it.
  • At that point you can access statistics, personal location, infection data

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