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1608633514 Threema releases the code of its apps and lowers the

Threema releases the code of its apps and lowers the price

The best-known payment messaging app takes a step towards expanding its transparency: part of the Threema service is now Open Source. You can check the code of the iOS and Android applications, notifications and even communication between apps. The server code is not public.

Threema is a messaging application similar to WhatsApp or Telegram that allows the sending and receiving of messages between mobile phones and computers. Has end-to-end encryption, like WhatsApp or Signal; offers calls and video calls, like most apps of its kind; and charge to download the applications, something unique in its panorama. Threema has always made mention of your safety. And now you want anyone to be able to check it, at least in your applications.

IPhone and Android apps are now open source


Threema can be considered unique as it is one of the few companies that develops a messaging application and charges users for accessing the service. This has not prevented him from achieving some success as is very popular on iOS, also on Android. Above all for its privacy options and for guaranteeing encryption on all its connections.

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As the company commented in an article on its page, mobile applications, the web version, the push notification system, the data exchange protocol between applications and the text composition area are now open source. Anyone can access this code to see how the guts of the software work, it is also possible to check if Threema really offers the security and privacy that it boasts. Although yes, the company has not made the code of its servers free, so it is impossible to audit your service 100% (something similar to what Telegram itself does with TDLib).

To celebrate the transition of applications and certain parts of the service to Open Source, Threema has downgraded its applications, both for Android and iPhone: is now available for 1.99 euros. It is a great alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram; with the disadvantage that everyone must purchase the application, something more complicated than downloading a free app.

Threema.  Safe and private messenger

Threema. Safe and private messenger

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