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1627925841 TikTok gives away three months of Spotify Premium on iPhone

TikTok gives away three months of Spotify Premium on iPhone and Android

If you want to try Spotify Premium, the company offers a free trial month. It is common for there to be three-month promotions at a reduced price or even free, as is the case with TikTok, that gives us months of premium in an offer from the app.

We are going to tell you how to activate the three months of Spotify Premium from TikTok and the conditions of this plan that can be activated in a few seconds from your phone.

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Three months of Spotify Premium from TikTok

If you have updated the TikTok application on your mobile, be it Android or iPhone, you can redeem your three free months of Spotify Premium. Just open your profile on TikTok and, just in the upper left, you will see an icon of some musical notes. You just have to click on it to access the promotion.

Tiktok Spotify

Open your profile, click on the icon that we mark and access the promotion.

This offer, as indicated by TikTok, applies only to the subscription package of Spotify Premium Individual, which has a price of 9.99 euros after three months of testing. The offer can be applied if we have never paid this modality of Spotify Premium and as long as we are over 18 years old.

The promotion lasts until July and can only be redeemed from our TikTok account, which will take us to the official offer on the Spotify page to create an account

The dates to enjoy this promotion go from July 12 to July 25, this being the last day to redeem the offer. In other words, if we have a TikTok account and we have never paid for Spotify Premium, we can enjoy three free months

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