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Too good to go, the app that saves money and avoids wasting food

It’s not a new app, but it has taken on a notable prominence with the coronavirus epidemic: Too good to go is an excellent app with which to save money on food purchases and, not surprisingly, it’s not a bad one, prevent this one from being thrown away because it hasn’t been consumed. It is suitable for all mobiles and has many advantages, both for users and businesses.

Taking advantage of the food is something we usually do at home, you only have to open the fridges to discover the lunch boxes with the remains of the last days. The problem is that the shops and restaurants do not have it so easy to take advantage of what is left overThe “Best before” date: both because of the expiration date of the food and because not all the dishes have been sold. And that’s where an app as useful as Too good to go comes in: it allows you to discover food in perfect condition that could end up in the garbage if you don’t take advantage of it. If you don’t know it, it’s worth giving it a try.

Save good food near you

Too Good To Go

The application works great as a food locator because it allows you to restrict the radius of action by kilometers so that obtain information only from nearby establishments. This allows you to spend the minimum in fuel, another detail that results in the main objective of Too good to go: to save resources and not to waste them.

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Depending on where you are, you will have a greater or lesser choice, depending on the volume of shops and restaurants nearby, as well as how many have signed up for the service (there are already more than 4,500 in Spain). Since Too good to go requires establishments to sign up, and to offer their products through the app, you won’t always find food that suits your tastes. And you won’t know what it looks like either, so all foods are in perfect condition for consumption.

Too Good To Go

Too good to go has had to overcome consumers’ reluctance to take advantage of food, but in the end it has made its way into mobile phones: the service has more than 27 million registered users. In our experience the app works great for connecting businesses with consumers and is very well designed to make locating food nearby as easy as it is practical. All for facilitate the sustainability of the establishment and that it minimises food waste.

Too good to go two years ago he arrived in Spain. During this time, not only has the number of users grown, but also the volume of establishments that distribute food through the app. A real joy if we take into account that restaurants and shops are the ones that throw away the most food, even if it is not really in bad condition. Any portion of that waste we save will be our small part in a more sustainable world.

Too good to go

Too good to go

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