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Top Nine Instagram 2020, how to create and share the montage of your most popular photos of the year

2020 is finally coming to an end, and perhaps in 2021 we can leave behind most of the damage from a pandemic that has devastated the planet relentlessly since the beginning of the season. But even so, we have found the strength to continue sharing our creativity or our day-to-day lives on social networks, thus maintaining contact with other users. Instagram, of course, has gathered the largest number of photographs and it is here the compilation of the most popular.

As every season, we have at our disposal tools that allow us to prepare the summary of the photos with the most “likes” of this year 2020. Known as ‘Best Nine’ or ‘Top Nine’ which has been updated for a few weeks (after its 2019 version) to allow us to dive into this year’s image catalog. Ours or that of any user without the protected account, of course. We show you how to create it with apps or through the website itself, and how to download it to share it later.

How to create your Instagram Top Nine 2020

Creator Kit

To plow our compilation with the best nine photographs of the year, the ones I “like” the most during the season, we have two alternatives. On the one hand we have the option that Top Nine offers us through your free app for iOS and Android and on the other the one that offers us through browser, which can be accessed without problems from the mobile because it is adapted.

From the outset, the first step is to download the app, of course, or access the mobile version through the browser. We leave you the links just below.

Top nine

Top nine

As we have mentioned, the mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and we should not be afraid of our privacy because we will not have to authorize access to our Instagram account. We will simply have to have a public account, as Top Nine tracks the photographs depending on the user that we ask it to search for. So yes, we can create our Top Nine of photographs of the year and also that of any user (with a public account) that we want.

Top Nine will not ask us for credentials of any kind so we should not fear for our safety

We open the app or load the web in the browser and on the first screen we will have to search for the name of the user whose name we want to create the Instagram Top Nine of 2020. As we have said before, it can always be ours or someone else’s make it public. We enter the user and click on Continue. The next screen asks us an email to send us the assembly in case we prefer not to wait. Although it is a process that usually takes a few seconds, avoiding this email is impossible so we will now show you how to delete it from the Top Nine database. Unless you prefer to give a fake one, of course.

It only remains to wait for the image to be generated, or to close the app or the browser and wait for Top Nine to send it to us by email, with the image uploaded to their servers and a button to directly access it. Each one to decide what to do. Now, both from the mobile app and from the browser, we will only have to download the generated image and save it in our Gallery, in Google Photos or in the Reel, depending on which mobile we are on and which app to view photos we use.

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