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Home » Topic Twister is a new turn-based vocabulary dueling game from the creators of Apalabrados

Topic Twister is a new turn-based vocabulary dueling game from the creators of Apalabrados

For a long time, Etermax has been known as Apalabrados y Preguntados, but this 2020 the Argentine company has increased the rhythm with fresh blood as Word Show or Divined. The latest release is Topic Twister, a competitive turn-based game now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Topic Twister is reminiscent of the company’s other turn-based games, although here the aim is find words that begin with a letter in a specific category, with precision and speed to win each round from the opponent.

Fast and accurate word finding

In Topic Twister, you can challenge another player, either a friend or random people to a battle. This battle is about finding words starting with a specific letter in five specific categories. Both the categories and the letter you start with are random, although you can use power-ups (coins) to choose others when it’s your turn. Each turn, one of the players uncovers the letter, which will be shared by both players.


Then it’s time to find a word for each category, which you should write using a built-in keyboard. That is, forget about Gboard auto-complete your answers: here you must type and make sure you have no errors, otherwise the entry will not be considered valid.

Speaking of valid words, you won’t know if what you’ve written is valid or not until you finish the round (or if you paid 50 coins before you started to activate this superpower). It is important that as soon as you finish you indicate this by pressing Stop, as you must be faster than your opponent in case you both filled in all the words correctly.


This is a turn-based battleYou will have to wait for your opponent to finish his round before you can play and see the result of the previous round. The final result is determined by the best of three rounds, and each round only lasts a few minutes, depending on how long it takes the other person to play their turn.

Upon completion of a round, you receive rewards and climb the player rankings, as well as receive occasional announcements. The game features integrated shopping to buy coins (up to 84.99 euros per 12,000 coins), which can be used to gain certain advantages or to obtain words when your mind goes blank.

Topic Twister: A Game of Questions

Topic Twister: A Game of Questions

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