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1606239659 Trivia Crack Adventure is the new trivia game where you

Trivia Crack Adventure is the new trivia game where you advance around the board answering correctly

The universe of Trivia Crack, Etermax’s trivia game, continues to expand coinciding with the seventh anniversary of its launch. If Trivia Crack Cars arrived in September, now it’s the turn of Trivia Crack Adventure, a mix of trivia game and board game where you advance through the board by answering correctly.

The concept is similar to other Trivia Crackers, but with the addition of moving around the board to try to reach the goal before the opponent in Turn-based games where you must show that you are the one who knows the most of art, entertainment, sports, history, geography and science.

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There is a new Trivia Crack game in the area: its name is Trivia Crack Adventure and it’s a game where the objective is to arrive before the opponent to the end of the board, based on dice rolls, good luck and, above all, answer correctly the questions that are presented each time you land on a square.

Trivia Crack Adventure lets you start games with friends or complete strangers. At the beginning of each turn, you must roll the dice and your character will go to the corresponding square. Most of the boxes provide you with questions to answer, although there are also shortcuts -which advance you on the board- and cheats, that make you back down.

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When you come across a question, you have 20 seconds to answer correctly. If you are not very inspired – in other words, if you have no idea – you can use the pump to eliminate wrong questions or the ✓ to mark the correct question. If you get it right, you keep shooting. If you don’t get it right, you can try again by watching a free video or spending coins, or end your turn.

Trivia Crack

Along the way you can collect coins or rescue characters (in exchange for answering questions correctly, of course) and, as you win matches, you advance in the rankings and leagues with its ascent and descent zones so that you can show that you are the one who knows the most.

Trivia Crack Adventure is a free game, although during the game you will see some other ad. Some of them will offer you rewards – keep playing instead of losing your turn – while others simply appear at the end of each turn. The game is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Trivia Crack Adventure

Trivia Crack Adventure

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