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Turn your photos into works of art with ‘Google Arts & Culture’ for iOS and Android

Google Arts & Culture’ is a Google application that allows us explore from anywhere a multitude of works of artThe museum’s collection of artworks, objects, archives, collections and techniques are housed in more than 2,000 cultural institutions in 80 different countries.

Since its inception, Google has added several tools to it, created a VR version that uses virtual reality, and even launched special collections on commemorative dates. Now it offers us a new function called ‘Art Transfer which allows us to apply to a photo of us the style of some of the most famous paintings in history. This feature is already available in both the iOS and Android apps, so here’s how to use it.

An artistic touch for your photos and selfies

Art Culture

Whether it’s the twisting motion of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings or the surrealist Frida Kahlo brushstrokes, you can now use the most recognizable styles of the most famous artists to transform your own photos. Among them, in addition to the two mentioned, we also have Edvard Munch or Leonardo da Vinci, to cite two examples.

The new ‘Art Transfer’ feature of the Google Arts & Culture application allows you to take a picture (or use one of your stored ones) and transform it into a classic work of art. The process for this is identical on both platforms and, as we will see below, it is quite simple:

  • Open the app Google Arts & Culture.

  • Within the Camera’ menuwhich you’ll find on the bottom bar, select “Art Transfer“.

  • Capture a photo or upload a than you have stored in your phone.

Art Transfer 2
  • Select one of the masterpieces (dozens are available) to transfer that style to your image. At the same time, the app offers us some anecdote about the artwork in question so you can learn a little more about its history.
Art Transfer 3
  • If you want to further customize your image, you can use the scissors icon to select where in the image you want the style to be applied.
Art Transfer 4
  • When you’re satisfied with your work, click on ‘Share and you can save it to your phone or share it through different applications. The result can be saved/shared as a still image or as a GIF showing the transformation.
Art Transfer 5

As Google itself has explained, ‘Art Transfer works with an algorithmic model created by Google AI. Once you take your photo and select a style, the application not only combines the two or overlays your image, but, thanks to artificial intelligence, initiates a unique algorithmic recreation of the photo inspired by the specific art style you have chosen.

And for your peace of mind, the company ensures that the entire process happens directly on your devicewithout the help of the cloud and without the processed image appearing online.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

  • Developer: Google
  • Download it in: App Store
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Education / Entertainment

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