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Twitter adds a warning system and hides unverified content about COVID-19

The fight against disinformation is key in social networks, especially with the current health emergency situation that can lead to hoaxes, false news and unverified data regarding everything surrounding the COVID-19. Twitter is one of the social networks where information is shared and propagated fasterThe detection of unverified information is crucial to stop misinformation.

Twitter just announced changes at the level of how news related to COVID-19 will be addressedThis will be done through a new system of labels and warning messages that will serve both to regulate the content uploaded to the social network and to provide context and additional information about some tweets.

The new labelling system for tweets


Twitter already introduced a system to tag tweets that include images or videos manipulated through a small message at the bottom of the tweet itself at the beginning of the year. Now efforts are focused on the theme COVID-19, adding a label system similar for “potentially harmful and misleading” information related to the subject.

“Earlier this year, we introduced a new label for tweets containing manipulated media. Similar labels will now appear on tweets containing potentially harmful and misleading information related to COVID-19. This will apply to tweets sent before today (May 11).”

How will this label be applied? According to the content itself. In some cases, a “Get COVID-19 Information” label will appear. Through this label, we will access verified information (it is not yet specified through which means) so that we can have true first-hand information.

Twit In the most serious cases Twitter will hide the contents warning about your problems. However, we can see them by displaying the tweet itself with the “view” button.

In the most serious cases, Twitter will come to hide the publications under a warning that some of the content conflicts with expert information. However, if we want to see it, we will have a button next to it to display the tweet, knowing that the information it is showing is not correct. Twitter divides the contents in three levels, showing warnings in the first two cases and even censoring tweets in the last case.

  • Misleading informationPublic health: statements or claims that have been confirmed as false or misleading by experts in the field, such as public health authorities.

  • Disputed claimsStatement of assurance: statements or assertions that challenge or do not challenge the accuracy, truthfulness or credibility of the claim.

  • Misleading informationInformation: information (which could be true or false) that is not confirmed at the time it is shared.

The social network claims that The contents are already beginning to be checked and labelled to display these warnings, which are now available to all users.

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