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Unlimited viewer broadcasts, improved message forwarding, and more

Telegram reaches version 8.0 and, how could it be otherwise, a good amount of news under the arm. This time it is not so much new functionality as the perfection of what was already present in the application.

Telegram 8.0 removes the limit of attendees to a live streamIn addition to giving you simple and handy options to customize message forwarding, an “infinite” mode to move from channel to channel as if they were TikTok videos, and other changes.

Unlimited Live Streams

Group video calls came to Telegram a long time ago, as an evolution of voice chats. The evolution continues, and is that if Telegram 7.9 admitted up to 1,000 viewers in a broadcast, in version 8.0 there is no limit of viewers.

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That is, you can start a live broadcast in a Telegram channel or group and up to 30 people will be able to share your video and there is no limit on how many people can join as viewers.

Forward messages improved


Telegram has been allowing you for a long time set message forwarding privacy from its settings, but version 8.0 introduces an option even easier and by hand, with a panel when forwarding a message.

To access these options you must touch on the preview Resend message that appears in the chat before forwarding it. Among the available options you can choose between show or hide sender, show or hide the comment on a photo or video or change the recipient, if you made the wrong chat.

Next channel

Telegram borrows from TikTok – and so many others – the gesture of swiping to go to the next content. With the new version, when you reach the end of a channel’s posts and swipe up, you can skip to next channel with unread messages, with the advantage that the “jump” respects the order you have, if you have organized the channels into folders.

Featured Stickers


A few changes related to stickers. To begin with, featured stickers they are displayed as a row at the top of the sticker selector, so you always have new ideas to add to your arsenal.

In addition, when you navigate between the different sticker packs that you have saved, the preview becomes larger and the package name. In this way, it will be easier for you to find the sticker pack you are looking for.

“Choosing a sticker”

picking out

Telegram includes several statuses to tell you what the other person is doing, beyond “Writing …”, such as “Recording a voice message”. Now, it will also indicate that the other person is looking for a sticker to add to chat.

Other changes

How could it be otherwise, version 8.0 of Telegram adds a few animated emojis plus, 21 to be exact. In addition, the channels will show how many unread comments the thread you have opened has, just like it happens in chats.

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