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Video calls of up to 50 people come to Instagram from the Messenger Rooms

A month ago, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms, a group video call system similar to Zoom, based on Facebook Messenger and ready to be integrated into the rest of the company’s applications. It was already integrated into Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp, and now it’s Instagram’s turn.

Instagram already has group video calls for up to six people, but if you’re short on time, it’s not enough, launch a Messenger Room from Instagram is very easy with the integration of both platforms. This way, you can make video calls with up to 50 participants.

Messenger calls on Instagram

The integration of Messenger Rooms into Instagram works similarly to WhatsApp, but here the process is even simpler, especially for Messenger accounts that are based on Facebook accounts. To get started, go to the Instagram Direct section and tap the video call button.

Instead of starting a normal Instagram video call, tap on Create room to use the Messenger Room functionality. The first time you will get an information window, where you should tap on Try.


Once this is done, you will have the option to create a room in Messenger, which will be linked to your Facebook Messenger account and not the Instagram account (although both can be linked to the same Facebook account). After creating the room, you can send the link to your contacts on InstagramYou can add a text before you share it.

Unlike WhatsApp integration, Instagram the whole process happens in the same applicationwhich you will not give up until you enter your room yourself. An option you will have right after clicking on Ready. You must enter first so that other people can join. If someone joins before you, you will receive a call from Messenger.

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From that moment on, the ball goes to the Messenger Room, where anyone can join even if you don’t have a Facebook, Messenger or Instagram accountfrom the link. The maximum number of participants at a time is 50 people.

Via : Engadget

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