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Home » We tested Nextory, the replacement for Nubico that gives access to more than 300,000 books and audiobooks

We tested Nextory, the replacement for Nubico that gives access to more than 300,000 books and audiobooks

Today, August 3, the change from Nubico to Nextory became effective: after the sale of the electronic book platform by Telefónica, all Nubico users can now use the new platform. Magazines, e-books and also audiobooks, the Nextory catalog is as varied as it is quality. We have checked it.

Multimedia content on the Internet has undergone various changes when offering access to different types and categories. Title by title to later include complete catalogs under subscription, this evolution was suffered from music to video games. And also books: platforms like Amazon Kindle Unlimited or Nubico offer more books than anyone could take to a desert island. Precisely, the second increases its content portfolio with the recent change: Nubico is now Nextory.

Larger catalog and much more variety


Telefónica got rid of Nubico by selling the book platform to the Swedish company Nextory. The change had not been made effective until today, August 3, the date on which Nubico’s application stopped working at the same time that Nextory’s application officially opened its doors in Spain. Everyone who had an active subscription to Nubico now has it to Nextory.

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The doubts before the changes are more than logical. However, the truth is that Nubico users gain catalog, variety, more multimedia options and an application that is many points above the one that is already out of date.

We have been subscribers to Nubico for quite some time. The platform offered a high news catalog, also the number of magazines was notorious. Nevertheless, the service suffered from a classic library collection and also from audiobooks. Given the growing importance of this type of literature, having it in Nextory is excellent news.


In terms of volume, and always according to the platform figures, Nextory offers its subscribers more than 300,000 titles between e-books and audiobooks. In addition, the platform maintains more than 80 Nubico magazines with publications such as Muy Interesante, Mía, National Geographic, Elle or Fotogramas. Everything to enjoy from your mobile or tablet, the reading experience is really positive.

The Nextory application is what Nubico should have been


The catalog is significantly expanded, also the type of content thanks to the inclusion of audiobooks. Although the highlight of the change is, in our opinion, the application that gives access to the library and reading. Available on Android and iOS, the Nextory app represents a huge evolution with respect to Nubico.

Nextory implements the profiles with its application (up to four), so all users can have their space in which to save books, bookmarks and bookmarks. Recommendations vary depending on the seasons, all with a nice interface that makes it easy to discover something to read next. And the app expands the possibilities by offering a range of online options from an application exclusively dedicated to e-books.


Option to modify the layout of the book, different reading modes, bookmarks, search and access to specific points of the volume, underlined … And a very useful option: Nextory allows lending books to users who are not subscribers of the platformlike when friends lend books to each other.

Nextory takes the best of Nubico and amplifies it to add a high-level reading and listening app

The app is a huge leap from the original by Nubico. And in terms of catalog, Nextory offers a multitude of recommendations as well as literary sagas, an option to filter by content, lists of popular and news, allows you to download audiobooks to your device for offline listening (also books and magazines), provides user ratings and also allows you to write reviews.


In addition to increasing the library fund, and significantly improving the application, Nextory adds a greater social component in order to facilitate the location of a reading related to the tastes of each person. From our experience using the new platform, the improvement over Nubico is remarkable.

Two subscriptions and the same price for those who already had Nubico


The advantages are notorious, as we have already pointed out, although it also has drawbacks. The main one is introduction of two price segments: the individual (gold) and the family. With the first only one device has access to the catalog simultaneously; the second allows simultaneous reading of up to 4 devices. We also miss reading through the web browser.

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If you already had a Nubico subscription, you must download the Nextory application: the old app no ​​longer works. Your subscription will not go up in price: you will keep the 7.99 euros per month as long as you do not unsubscribe (gold subscription).

In the event that you do not have Nextory, you can subscribe for 8.99 euros per month for the gold plan (individual) and for 11.99 euros for the family plan (for two simultaneous users; the 4-device plan goes up to 17.99 euros). In both cases the platform offers 14-day free trial with the registration of each new account. The entire catalog is included.

Nextory: +200,000 unlimited audiobooks and e-books

Nextory: +200,000 unlimited audiobooks and e-books

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