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We tried Word Show, the new casual word game from the creators of Apalabrados

After Word, Mixed and Guessed comes Word Show, a new game that keeps the theme of words, although in a more casual way, with no time limit, no Internet connection and no company: you face yourself, and you must go through the levels based on mount words with the letters provided.

Word Show is a new and simple game in which you must find words from the handful of letters provided in each level. Unlike other similar games, you can take your time to think, because no time penalty no limit on how many times you can use a letter.

Joins letters to form words

Word Show is fundamentally a game of forming words, although not without a tone or a sound. Each level provides you with a group of letters with which you must form words. As is usual in this type of game, the longer the words, the more points you get.

However, completing a level in Search Mode is not something as simple as forming huge words, but you must guess the hidden words like The roulette of fortune. The level is completed when all the hidden words have been guessed, although forming words that are not in the hidden group will increase the bonus bar. When the bonus bar reaches the top, some letters of the hidden words are revealed.

Wordshow1 The Search Mode

Word Show includes another game mode called Free Modewhich is available alternately with the previous mode. In Free Mode the goal is to reach a certain score, regardless of how many words it takes.

As in Search Mode, in Free Mode there is no time limit or how many times you can use a letter. It’s up to you if you want to fill the bar with a bunch of short words or if you want to bet on trying to create monster words to finish after including a couple.

Cap The Free Mode

Free Mode and Search Mode are divided into groups of 10 levels, which for some reason you cannot play again after completing them. The game is launched with no less than 500 levels availableThe level will be a bit more complicated, but it will usually take you a minute or so to complete each level, unless you have a particularly problematic combination of letters.

In case of jamming, you help

Word Show is not especially complicated once you get the idea that you can repeat any of the lyrics as many times as you want. Still, some letter combinations are more complicated than others or you may have no idea what the hidden word might be. If you get stuck, you can use aids.

Aid The three types of help in Word Show

Word Show has three helpers, two of which are present in Search Mode and one in Free Mode. The game gives you some free help balance, but when you spend it you must use the game currency to buy more help. These are the three available helps:

  • MagnifierSearch Mode: In Search Mode, reveals a random letter of the hidden words.

  • DianaIn Search Mode, reveal the letter you specify of the hidden words.

  • +1. It gives you an additional letter to form words in Free Mode.

Each of these aids costs 200 coins once you’re done with the ones the game gives you at the beginning. Taking into account that it is relatively easy to pass the levels and that you will receive a bonus of coins every time you complete an episode, if you don’t abuse the help you will be out of money to buy it, at least during the first 100 levels.


If you are not very inspired and need to use a lot of aids, you can buy more in the store at power ups. The most basic package (1170 coins and three aids of each type) costs 10.99 euros, while the epic package (15,440 coins and 25 aids of each type) costs 74.99 euros. If you only want coins, 100 are 1.09 euros, so the help will cost you about 2.18 euros if you don’t take advantage of any offers.

In short, Word Show is a less ambitious game than other Etermax titles, although its virtue lies precisely in that simplicity. No Internet connection required or a lot of time to complete a level, so it’s a good casual game to fill in the gaps without having to be a lyric virtuoso, thanks to the accessible aids. You can download it from today in Google Play or in the App Store.

Word Show: word game!

Word Show: word game!

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