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what is the difference between using the official app and paying from your bank’s app

We have already talked to you in depth about Bizum: is an instant payment service compatible with many banks and that allows us to pay in shops or contacts just by having your phone number. No coordinate cards, no account numbers or tedious procedures, a number, a transfer.

However, although this service is integrated into the banks’ own apps, there is a separate Bizum app, with some functions that should be known. We are going to tell you what it is for and what differences it has compared to using this service within banking apps.

The Bizum app provides extra options

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Bizum is a payment service that is directly integrated into bank apps. That is, if you are from BBVA, La Caixa, Santander and others, you only have to look for the Bizum section within the app to start using it. However, for a few weeks Bizum has had its own application, which provides extra functions.

Bizum’s independent application begins its journey in Spain and, for the moment, it is only compatible with BBVA, Kutxabank and Cajasur. What does the Bizum app offer? Basically some extra features and an app-centric experience. The most prominent function is that with the Bizum app we can create groups, something that will allow us to calculate the expenses when we go halfway. For example, if we organize a party or a trip, we can add the contacts to a Bizum group and settle the accounts.

The Bizum app is a lifesaver if our bank app is of poor quality. We will not have to go through the bank itself to pay for Bizum, its official app is enough

We also have the possibility of donating money to NGOs, as well as the option of send payments through Bizum easily, just as we would with the bank’s app. The main difference is that, for obvious reasons, the Bizum app focuses on Bizum payments, while bank apps can integrate this service in a better or worse way.

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That is, if your bank has integration with Bizum but its interface is a disaster, you can use the Bizum app instead, to make it easier for you. In general, to send a Bizum from the bank’s app we have to open it, look for the Bizum section and fill in the data. With the Bizum app we do the same, but in fewer steps. Open the app, find the contact and pay. This app is completely free and can now be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

Bizum |  Send and receive money instantly

Bizum | Send and receive money instantly

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