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what it is, how to play it and where to download it on your mobile

We are going to explain to you what Geocaching is, a game that has a huge community behind it, with more than 10 million downloads on Android (in the case of the official application, not counting the unofficial ones) and that invites us to leave home to find “treasures” and, in exchange, leave another to an unknown person.

Thanks to Geocaching you can discover locations that you did not know in your city, as well as in any other part of the world, since Geocaching works outside of Spain so that you can explore “together” with other users.

Geocaching, the largest community to find treasures with your mobile

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Geocaching is an activity that is based on hiding and finding “treasures” (objects left by users) with the help of GPS. Thus, a person obtains the coordinates of an object, tries to find it and leaves another in exchange so that the rest of the people can continue playing.

Geocaching is exploration outright. Some geocaches are easy, but others are in remote locations that will not be so easy to get to.

It is a fun and healthy activity that will allow us to find objects both near our home and far from it, and is that the “magic” of geocaching comes when we move away from our area, since the ‘geocaches’ (treasures) are usually hidden in somewhat remote places, with charm or special in some way.

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Next to the treasure a small notebook or paper is hidden to write down your name. Thus, each person who has found the treasure and left another is “registered”. It is a small commitment to the community, since it is a solidarity game, it does not try to collect the objects that we find and leave the place without more.

Tg Image 3733710998 Geocaches can be hidden in boxes, jars, under a tree … There are several types.

Similarly, there are containers that contain objects that we cannot keep, but we have to move them to another ‘geo-hiding place’. Imagine that you are traveling through a city and you are going to see it all. You collect a ‘cache’ and its hiding place is at the other end of town, it’s a great and different way to go around it.

With the official Geocaching application, the community can communicate with each other, since we can send messages to other users, asking for tips, advice and more. In addition to this application, both on iOS and Android there are different unofficial applications, so we can try the one we like the most to play, although the official app is our main recommendation.



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