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WhatsApp enables dark mode for all users on its last update

He’s already here and the wait has been really long. WhatsApp has been showing us for some time how its dark mode will be through the different betas of the app, and even its arrival to the iOS ecosystem had already been announced some weeks ago. Finally, the most widely used mobile messaging app on the planet has activated the dark mode for all users.

The announcement was made through a nice ad on social networks accompanied by a video showing how this dark mode works with the characteristic ‘Hello darkness, my old friend’ (Sound of Silence) that so many memes have set in recent years. So, you just need to update both the iOS and Android app so we can count on the dark mode being activated on it.

This is how you activate WhatsApp’s dark mode

WhatsApp’s dark mode release for both iOS and Android has been this very day, March 3rdIt may take some users a few hours, maybe days, to get it, as these types of improvements are often released in stages. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t have it available yet, as you may have to take a later shift.

However, activating WhatsApp’s dark mode on either operating system is quite simple. Just go to the Adjustments of the application once it has been updated, enter the Chats and then access the Topic. There we can activate the Dark mode by force, or dial “System Default” if we want it to be activated when the dark mode is operating in the rest of the phone.

Settings > Chats > Theme > Dark mode

With this dark mode, the backgrounds of the chats will turn black and the boxes that frame the texts we send and receive from our contacts will also be darkened. The font, which takes up the least amount of pixels on screen, will remain light in colour to add contrast and allow for more comfortable reading. It’s as simple as that, welcome to WhatsApp’s dark mode.

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