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WhatsApp postpones its new privacy policy until May and will

WhatsApp postpones its new privacy policy until May and will combat “misinformation” and “rumors”

The last few days have been quite hectic in the world of instant messaging due to the new privacy policy approved by WhatsApp, and mandatory acceptance in many parts of the world (Europe excluded), in which it was indicated that they would still be shared more user usage data with Facebook, its parent company. The movement of the largest courier service on the planet did not take long to cause an earthquake.

Many users of the platform have begun to seek shelter in other services such as Signal or Telegram, and apparently there have been so many movements that WhatsApp itself has decided to suspend the entry into force of the new policy for just over three months. Now It will not apply from February 8 but from May 15.

Three more months to be able to report properly


WhatsApp indicates in an official statement that it has detected a lot of misinformation among its users due to the entry into force of the new privacy policy. According to the company, its intention is to improve communication and “help everyone understand our principles and facts, referring to said policy and the flight of users to other platforms.

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WhatsApp once again states that neither its own company nor Facebook, its parent company, can access the messages sent between users of the platform and that no records are kept of the messaging itself or of voice or video calls that can be made between users. “We can’t even see your shared locations and we don’t share your contacts with Facebook“, indicates the company in its statement.

“We are backtracking from requests to review and accept the new terms. No one will see your account suspended or deleted on February 8. We will also do more to clear up misinformation about how privacy and security work. on WhatsApp. We will then ask people to review the new policy gradually before new business options are available on May 15

Thus, WhatsApp will begin a movement of information to its users to guarantee that your data will not be shared with Facebook nor with the companies they contact through WhatsApp for Business. “Thanks to everyone who has contacted us and to the many who have helped spread the word and stop the rumors. We will continue to put all our effort into making WhatsApp the best way to communicate privately“WhatsApp closes its official statement. The new policy, however, will not change, only its effective date varies: May 15.

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