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WhatsApp prepares advanced search option, better management of chats and other changes, according to WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp’s latest change was the addition of QR codes to add contacts, but many other changes are on the way, finally adding improvements to some of the aspects that can be improved in the well-known messaging application. According to WaBetaInfo we have details of many of the WhatsApp changes that are underway.

The list of changes is extensive, but unfortunately we cannot test any of them even in beta versions at the moment. They range from the possibility of search chats by date to better chat management, the ability to keep messages highlighted when deleting a chat, or advances in multi-device support.

Searches by date


The first of these changes, seen by WaBetaInfo in the iOS version of WhatsApp, will improve searches within chats by adding an icon to make searches on a specific date. The look and functionality may change between now and the time the option is finally available to end users, but for now its operation is based on tapping a new calendar icon that appears when you do a search in a chat.

Improvements in chat management


Also in the iOS version of WhatsApp, WaBetaInfo has found changes to the popular messaging application in the Storage Usage. There will be two changes coming soon: a filter to find large or resent files, and a selector to sort the results.

The new selector will allow you to easily find large files that you have sent or received on WhatsApp that are taking up valuable storage space on your phone, as well as forwarded files that you might want to delete for cleaning. On the other hand, some sections will have a selector to be able to filter the results by showing the oldest, newest or heaviest first.

Maintaining Highlighted Messages


Facebook seems to have a package of improvements planned for WhatsApp’s chat management, and another change coming up will allow you to keep the messages highlighted from a chat room before deleting it.

This function, as WaBetaInfo has discovered, will be displayed as an option both when deleting a chat and from the Storage Usage. You will then have to choose between deleting the chats or deleting the chats but keeping the messages highlighted.

Same WhatsApp account on four phones

Finally, it appears that the process of adapting WhatsApp for use on various devices is proceeding as planned. It is still in development, but it appears WhatsApp can be used on four different devices and may need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, at least for initial setup.

Via : WaBetaInfo

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