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WhatsApp will allow you to log into your browser using your fingerprint

Slowly and with good handwriting, WhatsApp continues to slowly build in functionality and enhancements that elevate the user experience of a platform that has long been the market leader in instant messaging apps. In recent times we have seen the arrival of interesting features such as the one that is now preparing to take a new step forward, the browser version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web has been around for a while now, but still has many aspects to polish. One of them, the opening of the browser session, still has room for improvement and it seems that this is what WhatsApp is working on at the moment. It has just been leaked that the messaging giant is preparing the compatibility of the login with our fingerprint.

Fingerprint instead of QR, or in addition

WhatsApp Web Login

We’re more than used to use the fingerprint reader of our mobile phone for a multitude of functions. From authorizing mobile payments to verifying our identity on multiple services, including those that give us access to the phone at startup or to certain protected folders and apps.

WhatsApp Web: Common Problems and Solutions

According to WABetaInfo, an inexhaustible source of leaks about what is coming to WhatsApp, the app is already working on a new system, or a system with more options, so we can Login to your browser with our account. Remember that right now we have to scan a QR code with our mobile phone, but that could change soon.

The function is still under development

The leak tells us that the app already hides the test code that would allow you to log in using your fingerprint reader. We would put our finger on the screen and authorize the login in the browser, or maybe even in other devices (hello, iPad and other tablets). The operation is not yet detailed.

We don’t know how we’ll get our login information into the browser or other device so that WhatsApp can match the authorization request to our mobile phone, but it probably won’t take long to figure out. We will keep an eye out for when this functionality is released to all users. However, it seems that we can prepare for that logging into WhatsApp Web becomes, at the very least, more enjoyable.

Via : WABetaInfo

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