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WhatsApp will finally let you mute a group or chat forever

There are things that are beyond human comprehension, such as the vastness of space or the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to silence groups and chats forever. From the beginning, WhatsApp has allowed you to mute groups and chats for 8 hours, one week or one year.

Better late than never, now WaBetaInfo has found indications in the application that the Facebook messaging application would be planning to change the year option for eternity, so it will be possible – if it ends up being activated to users – to mute notifications of a group or chat forever.

Silence forever

If you need to be in a group but don’t want to know about it, it’s best to silence it. The same goes for private chats: if you have a contact that you don’t want to appear in your notifications but without blocking him completely, mute the notifications is the best option.

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Today, WhatsApp only allows you to mute a contact temporarily, although the longest possible range, for one year, is enough to get you off the hook for a long time. But that year will pass sooner or laterand you’ll have to repeat the move.


Now, WhatsApp seems to be about to change the option to mute for one year to mute foreverwhich, unlike the previous one, will never expire. We still don’t know if or when this change will eventually reach the users, but the truth is that the option of silencing for a year never made much sense, so the change will be welcome.

Via : WaBetaInfo

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