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WhatsApp will not delete the account if the new privacy is not accepted, but it will make it almost useless

Next May 15 is the deadline imposed by WhatsApp so that the new privacy policy enters into force. And, although the company has confirmed that it will not delete the account of those who do not accept this policy, WhatsApp threatens to progressively disable it if the user insists on not giving their consent.

WhatsApp is making headlines for its controversies with privacy more than with the news that it is gradually bringing to its mobile applications. And there is no greater controversy than all the commotion that has been forming with the changes in its privacy policy: after announcing them in early 2021, the company had to withdraw the notice to further clarify all its implications. WhatsApp marked May 15 as the deadline to accept the new conditions. And we already know what exactly will happen if someone refuses.

Gradual suppression of functions until the WhatsApp account is useless

Whatsapp Changes Privacy WhatsApp confirms the progressive limitation of functions for those who do not accept the new policy

It’s true: as confirmed at the end of the first full week of May, WhatsApp will not delete accounts of those who insist on not accepting the new privacy conditions. In return, it threatens to turn those accounts into a simple username that you will not receive messages or calls. You won’t even have notifications.

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The new privacy policy, the result of friction between WhatsApp, users and organizations, must be accepted if you want to continue using the application as before. This does not affect European territory since here the GDPR protects its citizens; no matter how much the notice appears, as it happened at the beginning of 2021.

The disconnection of WhatsApp by sections will happen like this:

  • May 15 is the deadline to accept privacy changes (this does not affect European citizens).
  • If from that date the new policy is not accepted, WhatsApp will limit functions. The first is that the app’s chat list will disappear; even though it is still possible to access the conversations by clicking on the relevant notification.
  • During the first weeks it will be possible to make and receive calls.
  • The entire application will be restored at all times if the user gives up and accepts the conditions. Otherwise WhatsApp will continue with the scissors.
  • After a few weeks of limited use the application it will stop sending notifications, it will not receive messages, it will not give access to the chat list and calls will be lost (neither can be done nor received).
WhatsApp Terms Privacy The notice of the new privacy conditions that appeared in early 2021

It is true that WhatsApp is not going to eliminate the accounts of those who do not want to give their arm to twist, but, after the reduction of functions, they will end up having a practically useless application. And there is one last point to keep in mind:

If you stop using the account because WhatsApp has disabled it after not accepting the new conditions, the company can permanently delete it if more than 120 days pass without you using it

Remember that the new privacy policy applies only to WhatsApp accounts that are not in European territory. In Europe another privacy policy prevails. This remains the same since 2018.

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