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WHO Launches Official Bot for WhatsApp to Keep You Informed about Coronavirus

Keeping up with the COVID-19 pandemic is now more affordable than ever – all you need is a WhatsApp account. As part of a series of measures and recommendations adopted by WhatsApp for the coronavirus, the World Health Organization has a WhatsApp bot to keep you up to date with the latest news and statistics.

With the major application stores eliminating coronavirus-related applications, keeping informed from the mobile can be a little more complicated. If you find it more convenient, the WHO bot for WhatsApp keeps you up to date with the latest news, FAQs, tips and more information about COVID-19.

Adding WHO to WhatsApp


The World Health Organization has launched a official bot for WhatsApp as a quick access point for most of the information available on your website. The bot is currently available only in English.

In order to use the bot, you need to write the message “join” to the phone number +41798931892. A quick way to do this is through this link, which you should open with WhatsApp. The text is not sent by itself, so you have to click the send button.

What information does the bot give you?

The WHO bot works in a way like teletext, or like an answering machine. Each section corresponds to a number, and you must send a message with the corresponding number for the section you want to see. In some cases, the section is subdivided into other sub-sections, with more numbers to choose from.

The bot sends you the main information as a message on WhatsAppThe following web links will provide you with more detailed information on the WHO recommendations. In some cases, links to videos are included in the messages.


The information provided by the bot is basically the same as the one you will find in the WHO website, with the only difference that the bot digests it and sends it to you in short summarized messages. This is the information available:

  • Latest issues. With the summary of the latest official figures of affected and dead people all over the world and in the different regions.

  • Protect yourself. A series of summary tips on what you can do to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus.

  • Your questions answered. A list of frequently asked questions and their answers. You must write down the number of each question to get its answer.

  • Mythbusters. A section specially designed to combat the misinformation surrounding a coronavirus outbreak, such as that it can be transmitted in hot areas or that you cannot be infected by a mosquito bite.

  • Travel recommendations. It refers you to the latest travel recommendations published by the WHO.

  • News and press. It sends you a message with the headlines and links to the latest news published by the World Health Organization on its website.

  • Share. Send the link to add the WHO bot to other chats on WhatsApp.

  • Donate. It sends you a message with the link to donate to different foundations and NGOs.

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