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with Remix it is now possible to react to other videos in parallel

Facebook’s ‘cloning hunger’ continues unstoppable on Instagram: the once-photography platform just copied another of TikTok’s key features, the Duo or Duet. Instagram has named him Remix, basically with the same function as the duos: react to other videos with a personal recording, both in the same content.

If there is an app that stands out above the rest thanks to a certain feature, the others do not end up copying it. This common mantra in software development has made Facebook fatten its apps to dinosaur levels. And this is especially noticeable on Instagram: to completely clone the Stories from Snapchat to do the same with TikTok to create another section within Instagram, Reels. And the copying doesn’t stop there, that Facebook will end up cloning TikTok entirely.

Remix: video reaction to another video, both in the same content

Instagram Remix

TikTok has always played with camaraderie among content creators as it favored conversation with the mode Duet, some Double videos that allow you to react or comment on other creations, providing your own vision. Sayings Duos They are one of the keys to TikTok and one of the functions that Instagram still had to clone. It is time to speak in the past tense.

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The Remix is basically the same as Duos from TikTok: Instagram allows you to clone a video of another user and react to it in parallel. As with the original competition, in order for the Remix to be used, the creator must first authorize its remix. This authorization can be done on the uploaded video and there is also the option in the settings of remove Remix authorization from all videos uploaded by the account.

To remix the reels uploaded by another creator, do the following:

  • Access the Reels section and find the video you would like to react to.
Instagram Remix
  • Click on the three menu items and click on ‘Create Reel Remix‘.
  • Instagram will load the original video on the left giving you the option to react to it in the window on the right.
  • Record your Remix and then customize it as you wish. Texts, Emojis, doodles … Your way.
  • Once finished share the Remix and it will appear along with the rest of your videos.
Instagram Remix

One limitation of Remixes is that Instagram does not allow a replica to be replicated; so you can’t do a Remix of a Remix. Beyond this point, and as long as the creator has authorized the remix, there are no limitations.

Instagram Remix Instagram allows you to activate or not the Remix in all videos. The setting is found in the account settings, under ‘Privacy / Reels’

The new Instagram Reels feature is now available in the app: just update it to the latest version available on Google Play. At the moment there are not too many Reels suitable to do Remix, but everything will change when the creators begin to allow this option in their content.

Via | The Verge

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