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1609056285 With this app you can control all your fixed expenses

With this app you can control all your fixed expenses at a glance

There are many applications to control spending on Android and iOS, some very good and like Spendee. As a person somewhat obsessed with the subject of investment, financial culture and others, the main problem that I have found with this type of apps is that They usually force us to constantly record what we have spent, what we have entered and so on. What if we just want to calculate the fixed expense?

By calculating the monthly fixed expense (without taking into account possible contingencies), we can get a great idea of ​​how much money we really have available for our purposes. That is to say, if you have to spend XXXX euros and charge XXXX euros, the rest is what you have left for contingencies, extra savings, investment, or whatever you want.

A simple method: this is how I went from being a spender to saving more than ever

All your expenses, in five minutes and without going crazy with the data


Bobby is a free application for iOS and Android. In the case of iOS, it is in the App Store, but in Android you have to download it in APK format. It is an application designed for us to save our subscriptions, but in the opinion of the server, it is the same or more interesting to use it to control fixed expenses.

The fixed cost is relative, since we do not pay the same for water, electricity, gasoline and others every month, but without a doubt knowing approximately how much fixed money we have to spend will allow us to save better.

With Bobby we can create any type of expense, and even schedule if we want it to be recurring, what day the receipt arrives and others

Bobby’s strong point is that it allows us to create custom subscriptions. In these personalized subscriptions is where we are going to put what we pay for rent or mortgage, the money that we want to dedicate to savings or investment, the expenses of the house, leisure, sports, etc. You may be scared if you have never calculated fixed expenses, but it is the only way to know how much money you have left over at the end of the month.

It is a simple way, without excel, without applications that force us to record every small purchase we make and more. You budget for both category X and you stick to it.

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