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With this app you can educate and train your dog like a professional

Currently there is a whole boom with dogs, although educating them is not easy. Fortunately, technology is there to help us in the process. Dogo is a fantastic and very complete application that helps us educate and train our little (or not so little) companion, completely free of charge.

We are going to teach you how it works, where it is downloaded from and everything we can do with this app, which will help us get a little closer to being the new César Millán.

A complete app to keep your dog at bay

Dogo App

Dogo is an app free for iOS and Android, designed to educate both newly born dogs and adopted dogs that are older. In fact, the programs and exercises shown to us are personalized based on the questions we answer.

The app adapts to the characteristics of our dog: its age, current behavior, what it already knows how to do, etc.

When opening the app we will have to enter the age of the dog, how it behaves, if it bites, urinates, if it is able to sit up by itself, etc. Based on the dog’s behavior, the programs will be adapted to the same.

The number of exercises and training programs is enormous, and they are divided by games, methods to teach good manners to the dog, exercises and we even have articles to inform us even more about the behavior of the dog, nutrition, activities to do with him and others.

One of the strengths of the app is that it has clicker, a sound cue to mark the dog’s behaviors when we are teaching him something. With this clicker it is easier to teach them behaviors, since they associate it with the noise that the app will make.

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The application is completely free, although it has a premium version with even more exercises, video quizzes for dog trainers to review, and the ability to share this premium subscription with other members of your family or friends.

Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App

Dogo – Your Dog’s Favorite App

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