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1608915339 With this app you can jump rope virtually with your

With this app you can jump rope virtually with your iPhone

Although the confinement (for now) is over, playing sports at home is still a great option to keep in shape without coming into contact with anyone. One of the best cardio exercises is skipping, but we may not have one or we may not want to disturb with the blows that it gives on the ground.

Jumpr is a new application for jump rope virtually, as you read it. The app is able to detect our position in real time, create a rope in augmented reality and help us keep up with the jumps.

With this app you can jump rope digitally


Jumpr is an application that detect our position once we put the mobile on the ground. Once you have detected the angle well, draw a virtual rope in our hands, so we can go jumping. The best thing about the app is that not only does the jumping theme work quite well (without cuts or problems), but it is also a complete health app.

It allows us to set different goals, both in minutes and calories. That is to say, we can jump for as long as we want or until you burn a certain number of calories. A curious detail, in case we do not have controlled the issue of calories, is that He gives us different foods to give us an idea. If we burn 100 calories we burn a slice of pizza, if we burn 500, a copious meal, for example.

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In the same way, the app has a calendar to follow our daily progress, in addition to recording our weight so that we can see the evolution. In short, a great application to improve our cardio if we don’t have rope at home and we don’t want to bother too much.

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