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Wunderlist has a twin brother to manage your task lists

Microsoft announced months ago the closure of Wunderlist. The service will die this month, making way for Microsoft To Do as the company’s main alternative. However, the developers seem to be aware of the nostalgia evoked by the application, and someone has seen fit to launch a level alternative.

Zenkit To Do is a twin brother of Wunderlist. It is a complete service, with versions for iOS, Android, PC and Mac, so we can use it on any platform. We’ll tell you what we’ll find when using the mobile version, since the app is quite complete.

A good application for managing task lists

Zenkit App

At the interface level Zenkit To Do is practically a carbon copy of Wunderlist. We have very similar interfaces on both PCs and mobile phones, a positive point considering that the visual aspect was one of the points that most convinced Wunderlist users. To log in we have multiple options: create an account, register with Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Trello.

Zenkit To Do can be synchronized with Wunderlist to import our lists easily

When you log in we can synchronize our lists from WunderlistSo the migration process couldn’t be easier. The main interface is simple, with the inbox view, today and week. Just below, we have the possibility to create lists or import them.

Zenkit Application Personalization, list management, notifications and task assignment. Zenkit to do does its job well.

With the free Zenkit plan we can create up to 80 lists and 2400 tasks distributed in a maximum of 20 folders. The same way, we can collaborate with seven other usersThe system also allows you to create reminders, comments on lists, etc. At interface level we can customize the application to your liking, with light or dark theme and different backgrounds for the app.

It is an intuitive and easy to use app, depending on the date you put the tasks these will be assigned to ‘Today’ or ‘Week’, in addition to being able to create custom lists to enter them there. In our tests it was enough with the free plan to enjoy all that is necessary in this type of apps, although you can always support the developers with the payment plan, which starts from 3 euros per user.

Zenkit To Do

Zenkit To Do

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