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1611310026 You can now see the price of gasoline and diesel

You can now see the price of gasoline and diesel at each gas station with Google Maps

There is no doubt that Maps has become, through various improvements over time, one of the most complete services of its creator. The arrival of new functionalities is also anticipated from their country of origin, the United States, as they are released there to later be integrated into other countries, and now we have just received new data for our maps. Now Google Maps shows us the price of gasoline.

Of gasoline and diesel, of course, because the new function that now comes to Spain and much of Europe is the one that shows us the price of fuel at gas stations. Google Maps offers us this extra information that will not only allow us to locate which gas station has the cheapest gasoline near us, but will also be useful for planning trips and refueling.

Full prices in the information, gasoline in the quick view

The operation of the application has not changed due to the arrival of this new piece of information, as the gas stations will continue to have their file during searches like the rest of the businesses. What changes is that the price of fuel in all its variants (those that the specific station has available) will be shown in the summary, just above the address, time and contact telephone number.

How to find the gas station closest to your location with Google Maps

Now, when we look for a gas station or it appears in a map sweep on Google Maps, we can see at what price diesel is found there or the different variants of gasoline (unleaded 95, unleaded 98, etc). All you have to do is access the gas station file and we will have the price in the foreground as added text, without a special dedicated section.


On the quick tab, which is superimposed on the map when we are looking for gas stations, only the price of 95 octane unleaded gasoline appears but by clicking on the tab we will have complete information. We do not know if Google will soon add the option to configure what price we want to be shown in case, for example, that we have a diesel vehicle.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps – Navigation and public transport

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