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1613142409 you can run out of account

you can run out of account

Social networks are beginning to take action on the issue of propagation of hate messages, Better late than never. Twitter began to tighten its rules as a result of the last months in the presidency of Donald Trump, even going so far as to block his account, at which point other networks such as Facebook followed. It was as a result of this that the Parler case exploded, to name the most recognizable case.

Now it’s Instagram the one that has decided to get down to work and begin to establish tougher rules against those users who send hateful, aggressive messages or who attack other users. The new policy is triggered by a case of racism against football players in the British Premier League, and will reach the rest of the planet.

From losing DMs to running out of account

Until now, the messages that were considered offensive and were reported ended in a kind of ‘strike’ in the style of those applied by YouTube. If Instagram reviewed the message and considered it offensive and inciting hatred, such as racist messages that have initiated the policy change, the user could see how some capabilities of your account were restricted.

What happened to Parler: the social network used by Trump supporters has stopped working

For example, said user saw how he could not use the platform’s direct messages during the duration of this sanction or ‘strike’ by Instagram. Zuckerberg’s photo social network, however, is taking the sanctions one step further. If a user emits hate messages and the network verifies it, you may end up without your account.

“Today we announced that we will take stricter action when we find out that there are people who violate our rules in direct messages. Currently, when someone sends direct messages that violate our rules, we prohibit that person from sending more messages during a specified period of time Now, if someone continues to send infringing messages, we will deactivate their account. We will also disable the new accounts created to circumvent our messaging restrictions, and we will continue to disable the accounts that we find that are created solely to send abusive messages, “quotes Instagram

Instagram takes advantage of the statement in which it warns of the tightening of its rules that users have at their disposal tools within the platform to block accounts that post abusive messages or hate speech. Messages that can also be managed in a group instead of one by one.

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