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you can use it even if you are not a
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you can use it even if you are not a bank customer

The BBVA app is open to clients of other banks, thus allowing to add bank accounts of other financial entities within the application itself to be able to carry out different movements. The app, available for both iPhone and Android, is being updated to receive this new functionality.

Once we have updated the application, It will not be necessary to be a BBVA customer to be able to use their application, since we can add our bank and start consulting our output, movements and others. The addition of bank accounts of another entity was not something new in the app, but yes, being able to use it even if we are not clients.

The BBVA app is open to users who are not customers


The BBVA app is updated to open to users who are not clients of the bank. From today, It will not be necessary to have a BBVA account or any contracted service to use it. We can register in it and add our banking entities to check their balance and movements, even if they are independent from this bank.

With the BBVA app, even if we are not clients of the bank, we can check movements and balance of our accounts with other entities

Similarly, if we have added a bank, we can request transfers (although not send them). BBVA’s main objective is for users to be able to learn “some of our best experiences before deciding whether or not they want to become customers”.

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“Opening the application to non-customers is a technological challenge but also a firm commitment to a philosophy very close to the world of large technology companies, where the barriers to entry to know or use a service are very low.” Leyre Baltza, Director of Open Market at BBVA Spain.

At the moment, the BBVA app for non-clients allows you to add accounts from other entities, check the balance and movements, as well as request transfers. Nevertheless, new features are expected in the coming months.

As indicated by BBVA, soon users will be able to access discounts in various establishments, manage your monthly subscriptions for digital services and receive suggestions to improve your financial health, among others.

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