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You can use WhatsApp as a second verification factor for Instagram

Facebook has announced Security Checkup, or the security check for instagram. The purpose of this new function is to help you recover your account in case you have lost access after being hacked or similar situations.

On the other hand, Facebook has mentioned a series of security recommendations to keep the Instagram account safe, among which is activating the two-step verification. The most curious thing is that the second factor may be your WhatsApp account, instead of an SMS.

WhatsApp to secure your Instagram account

If your Instagram account is hacked, the application itself will help you recover it, as well as the different steps you can take to strengthen its security. All these functions will be included in the new section Security check in the application itself, which has been released today, although at the moment it is not shown in the application for all users.

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This security check will guide to recover your accountby taking steps like reviewing recent logins, your profile information, or updating account contact details like phone number or email.


One of the most effective recommendations to improve Instagram security is to activate two-step verification, something in which a curious option will be added in the coming months. You can use your WhatsApp to receive the codes check every time you log into a new place. That is, your WhatsApp may be the second factor.

Currently, Instagram allows you to choose between using an application like Google Authenticator or a text message, but WhatsApp will soon appear as an option. Reach in the coming weeks to selected countries, without us knowing which are these countries exactly.


Using WhatsApp on Instagram two-step verification will be similar to using an SMS. When you log in with your Instagram account on a new device, you will receive the code on WhatsApp from the official WhatsApp Business Instagram account.

Using 2-Step Verification is just one of Facebook’s recommendations to reduce the chances that your account will end up in the wrong hands. The company recommends you take these measures to protect your Instagram account:

  • Activate 2-Step Verification: either with WhatsApp, with a code generator application or with a text message.

  • Keep your phone number and email up to date. This information is used to help you recover your account, even if the hacker changed them after gaining access.

  • Don’t fall for the fake messages. Instagram will not send you private messages asking for passwords or other personal information.

  • Report content that is against the rules. Instagram reminds you of the importance of “doing your part” by reporting content that you think may go against the rules you see in the app.

  • Activate login requests. With 2-Step Verification active, you’ll receive an alert every time someone tries to log in from an unknown browser or device.

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