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1614600020 YouTube already shows Cortos short videos like TikTok in its

YouTube already shows ‘Cortos’, short videos like TikTok, in its application

In September of last year, YouTube introduced Shorts, a short video system similar to Instagram’s TikTok or Reels. Since then, Shorts has been available in India and is now starting to reach other regions. As a preview, Short videos start to show in the YouTube app.

Thus, some users have a new section on the YouTube front page under the name of Short Beta, with a carousel of short videos that YouTube determines may interest you, although they are not necessarily from accounts you already follow.

Short videos on YouTube

Since YouTube introduced us to Shorts, the concept has changed slightly. To begin with, YouTube initially limited them to 15 seconds, but Google help specifies that the limit is actually 15 seconds. 60 seconds long. (although in another section on the same page it still indicates 15 seconds).

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In any case, it is a concept similar to TikTok: short vertical videos and with vertical navigation to view related videos. On YouTube, these short videos have found their place in the main YouTube tab of the application, in the section Short (beta).

This section includes a carousel with about 15 videos. When you touch one of them, it starts to play in full screen and with the mobile vertically. The player itself includes several buttons at the bottom to indicate whether you like it or not, view and add comments, and share the video.


The title, the name of the channel and the active button panel are kept at all times, this being one of the differences with the “normal” YouTube video player. This and what When you swipe up, another YouTube Short starts playing. If you slide down, you go back to the previous one.

YouTube is now showing YouTube Shorts in the app for more people, but the creation of these short videos is still limited. When it is activated in your region and for your account, you can carry it out directly from YouTube, from the menu Create – Short Video.

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