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1614224664 YouTube will restrict videos to three levels for parents to

YouTube will restrict videos to three levels for parents to monitor what their children watch

The parental control of the YouTube application will make a leap shortly in pursuit of an improvement in the control of what children see: Google will introduce three levels of restriction on its generic platform, not on YouTube Kids. With this, it aims for adolescents to find less childish and age-appropriate content.

YouTube has such a multimedia catalog that there are, literally, millions of videos for every taste, preference and age group. For this reason, the platform has been struggling with content suitable for minors for years: both restricting their access with bots and creating an exclusive app for children, YouTube Kids. And now it is planning to offer one more tool to parents: access restriction at three levels.

Supervised experiences: YouTube’s new parental control

Youtube Children's Filters

The video platform aims for minors to find their space on YouTube, either through the children’s app (Kids) or in the generic application. And, given that each software is formulated for a specific type of audience, YouTube has decided to give the key of supervision to parents so that children who are on their way to adolescence have a greater scope to search.

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As YouTube defines the new restriction, parents will have at their disposal the possibility of monitor what your children can find. Such supervised experiences will limit the videos they can play at three different levels:

  • To explore. It is the first level, the one aimed at those children for whom YouTube Kids is too small. Suitable for people over nine years old and with videos of all kinds of styles, from vlogs to tutorials.
  • Explore more. That children are already prepared to satisfy their curiosity? Parents can allow them to broaden their horizons with a lower level of restriction.
  • Almost all of YouTube. Kids will have little or no restriction on their YouTube experience; As long as the content is not specifically aimed at an adult audience: age-restricted content is out.

All three levels of restriction for children are coming soon to the YouTube mobile app – first in a very limited beta. Later Google will expand this beta much more widely.

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